Legal mumbo-jumbo

I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday season. I sure did, and enjoyed my mini vacation. Probably my last for a very long time.

So I finally got the lease in my hands on Friday. I guess it was ready on the 18th of December, but with the Holidays and stuff, things got a bit delayed. Anyways, I need to take the time to look over the terms and make sure they seem fair and legit. I’m debating on having a lawyer take a look at it too. Don’t wanna pay the money, but it may not be a bad idea.

There have been some… set backs on my end that I just found out the other day. I can’t go into detail about this, but a portion of my loan money to start the business has been taken away from me. I hope it is temporary, but we’ll see. Very discouraging to say the least, especially starting the new year, but I’m praying for things to work out. I feel they will, as this is just one of the many challenges I believe I will face. I will not let something like this hold me down, as I am determined to get this school opened in the next couple of months.

FYI - Be in the look out for a new website!



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