Maybe April?

I decided to drop by the shopping center on Friday after work, and I come to find out that the contractors are far from being finished in building-out the new space for State Farm. The have some dry walls up, but I don’t believe they’ve mudded yet. And then they will have to texturize the walls, lay carpet down, and get all of the data wires re-routed into the new space. So, my guess-timation is April 1st for the space to be delivered?… Which is fine with me now. Gives me the entire summer to come up with a great marketing plan, maybe start working on a little PR or do a press release with a local newspaper. Either way, the timing is probably working out better as we speak. I’m now thinking mid July would be the Grand Opening of The Dojo.

I’m also looking at starting up a new company… a construction company. :-)Actually, to try to keep costs low, I may pull a permit myself for the school and be the General Contractor, and then hire out sub-contractors for projects, such as the plumbing for the bathroom, electrical, and possibly an architect to draw up the space plans. All this needs to be approved by the city before I move forward, plus I need a permit to do demo in the space. I ran these ideas by a friend of mine that does GC work in Denver, and he thinks it’s a pretty good idea. Anyways, I’m just weighing out my options before I make a decision, since I’m thinking it may be a bit tight with the allowance that I am receiving.

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