Paper work

Well, I’ve got good news as far as the lease is concerned. The landlord has accepted my changes/additions to the lease and sent me an executable copy of the lease on Monday. I’ve signed my life away, or it at least seems that way, then made copies of required documents they requested, and put them in a file. I’m hoping to send the leasing agent everything by the end of the week, if not, maybe early next week. They wanted to have everything signed by the end of the month, but that ain’t happening, especially with the problems that I had to go through (and still going through) the past couple of weeks.

I then went through my checklist of documents the SBA loan department requires, and didn’t realize how much information they needed from me. Maybe I should read ahead more often… Well, they need proof of insurance (which I knew, and delayed due to timing), copy of sales/business license for the city of Westminster, (which I just learned takes 3 weeks for approval and I don’t have that kind of time), copies of my lease terms, and a few other things. I basically spent 5 hours yesterday finding documents on the state and city websites, printing applications, and filling them out. I don’t even know if I have everything! I’m not looking forward to getting a building permit either, ’cause from what I hear, this is a long process too.

At times, I almost feel like these establishments make it so difficult to start up your own business it stops those with a great idea, yet you hear that the government is all for start ups, entrepreneurs, leaders of the free enterprise, etc. I definitely am not feeling the love when it comes to getting my business off the ground. But, it’s like the old saying… “no sacrifice, no victory”.

I keep telling myself, “stay positive…” “things happen for a reason…” I just hope I learn what that reason is sooner, rather then later.


No sacrifice, no victory. I’m now thinking I should put that on my first school t-shirts. At least it would have significant meaning, you know.

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