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So I have finally come up with a great program for those seeking personal martial arts instruction at the school, work, or conveniently at your home. If you’ve been reading my posts and website you’ll know that I’ve been trying to come up with a name for this program, and exactly what it will entail. After many late nights and brainstorming sessions (which typically consist of me bouncing things off of my friend Adam) I believe that Ultimate Karate Training can be a program that attracts a demographic seeking a more personal touch to their fitness training.

Going to the gym is great. Getting a personal trainer is taking it one step higher. But… having a personal martial arts trainer that can not only help get you fit, but also teach you self-defense moves that are practically invaluable. Priceless! And those are just the obvious benefits. With Ultimate Karate Training, we’ll help you focus your energy more - whether it be for work, or on the competitive side. Lately, more and more professional athletes have been reverting to martial arts (Kobe Bryant is an example) as an alternative training method that can assist them in improving their overall game. Martial arts has certain techniques and moves that are easily applicable to other sports.

Ultimate Karate Training can also help you relieve stress from the day-to-day grind one goes through. This adds up and can affect your work performance, but also your family and social life. Exercise is considered by many physicians as the best medicine when someone is suffering from high stress. I know when I’m stressed out at work, going to The Dojo and working out just puts me back at ease. Add some contact to bags, or get a sparring partner, and I feel like I’m in heaven! It’s not that I enjoy hitting objects/partners, but I enjoy the thought process behind it… none. I can cover this concept some other time.

One last thing I would like to point out in Ultimate Karate Training is that these sessions will be tailored specifically to each individual. This allows us to focus on your goals. You can expect to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance by learning some basic Karate techniques (which will eventually get more difficult), such as kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks. But you won’t just be throwing these techniques around either. Martial arts is an “art” - hence the name. Precision is necessary in order to learn the true meaning of Karate and self-defense.

Now that many of you know exactly what Ultimate Karate Training is, and you’re interested, I challenge you to try it out. I’ll be honest… it may be one of the toughest workouts you’ll ever do because you are using muscles you’re not use to using, but it will worth every penny. If you are interested in learning more about this program, go to our Private Instruction page, and contact me directly.


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