Someone throw me a bone!

Honestly! I’m sure I jinxed myself from one of my posts in May - Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down… Things were moving right along. I was getting my sub-contractors lined up, so that when my permit was going to be issued in early June, I’d be right on track. I’m far from that right now.

I finally got my plans reviewed by the City of Westminster, but they did not issue a permit because they are requesting some more clarifications regarding the electrical. I don’t know why either… The changes made to the unit are so minor, that it should had been an easy review because the majority of the stuff is staying/existing. I even talked to my architect about the City’s comments - he was livid! He was even more upset than me because they were questioning his work, when he specifically talked to the city to make sure he was going to meet their regulations. Bob (my architect) thought I was calling to invite him to my Grand Opening… FAR FROM IT…

He recommended I call Tom (one of the inspectors) and ask him for more clarification. So I called and chatted with him. He came out all defensive thinking I was trying to argue the review, when I just needed to know what they are requesting. Well, come to find out, he didn’t do the electrical review, some other person did - so he gave me his contact info. I called and left him a voice mail, than he called me back later today. Basically he is claiming that he doesn’t know what was existing and what was changed (as far as electrical) and he wanted the changes to be shown on the plans. However, they are on the plans, but not how he wants to see it… So, I had to call Bob back… He recommended I talk to my electrical contractor, Brett from B.A.R. Electric, as he should be able to come up with a “revised panel schedule”. Or what ever the heck that means.

I ended up leaving a voice mail with Brett and sending him the 5 questions that need to be answered by an electrician via email. Asked he get in touch with me ASAP, so I can get my permit issued and we can move on.

Now, the story gets even better…

About 1 1/2 weeks ago I called and emailed my property manager about the situation I’m in right now. How the city is taking their time in reviewing my plans, and how it is 3-4 weeks behind schedule (even though I had them expedited), which is ridiculous. I requested they extend my 90 grace period to do tenant improvements by an extra 30 days, since I don’t think it’s fair I’m paying rent for a space that is not brining in revenue. It’s not like they will be losing out on money, as it just pushes my rent commencement date up an extra 30 days. Plus, there are 3 other vacant spots in the shopping center that are obviously not bringing them any money, but I will. Can ya’ help a brotha’ out!

Anyways, she hadn’t gotten back to me, so I called her again this morning. DeAnna (my property manager) ended up saying that she sent in the request, but hasn’t heard back from the landlord. Typically, when she doesn’t hear back, they won’t fulfill the request… which really upsets me. She tried to tell me to continue to work with the city, which I am, and see if they can hurry up, which they won’t.

I ended up telling her that I will begin to start doing the construction before my permit is issued because it will affect my business. She did not want to hear that, and basically made a remark that she didn’t know what I was talking about. The only person that is interested (and vested) in my business is myself. Not my landlord. Not the city.  Not my property manager.  They are happy when I pay rent, but can’t assist a tenant when there hands are tied with a situation that can’t be controlled. If I’m lucky (which I hope I am) she will follow up with some good news. Otherwise… I’m burning through money I did not budget to spend. What a lovely way to start a business!

After that call, I decided to call my plumber (Carl). Told him the situation and that I wanted him to start working on the project as soon as he had time because I’m way behind schedule. I really don’t care if I get a fine at this point. I just need to open for business soon! He’s going to see if he can start on the project next week, which would be nice, since it’s right before the 4th of July. If I can get him to be finished by the 2nd week of July, than I can get my General Contractor to do the framing, and than the electrician to finish his projects.


All I wanna do is teach Karate. That’s it… I didn’t start my business to go through this non-sense. It feels as though these circumstances are holding me back from doing what I WANT to do. As though someone is trying to stop me from reaching my dream. Will this stop me? No. Will I get through this? Yes. However, I have no clue why I’m experiencing all of this. And, at this point, I don’t even care. I just want to teach Karate. I want to make an impact in my community. I want to show kids the great things Karate is really about. I want to know that my influences changed a child’s life. I want more than what is offered from starting your own business. I want the intangibles that come along with being a teacher.

So what am I going to do…  I have no choice but to do my best in getting The Dojo of Karate open by July 19th, 2008 - my Grand Opening Day.  That’s about it.  If this requires I do some extra work at the school , so be it.  If this requires I start doing work before my permit is issued - fine.  But, at this point my only objective is to open for business and start generating revenue so I can pay my bills.  I rather have prospects call, and line them up for intro classes, then turn students away because my karate studio isn’t open.

I won’t let a simple blog posting jinx me. 

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