Someone throw me a bone!

Honestly! I’m sure I jinxed myself from one of my posts in May - Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down… Things were moving right along. I was getting my sub-contractors lined up, so that when my permit was going to be issued in early June, I’d be right on track. I’m far from that right now.

I finally got my plans reviewed by the City of Westminster, but they did not issue a permit because they are requesting some more clarifications regarding the electrical. I don’t know why either… The changes made to the unit are so minor, that it should had been an easy review because the majority of the stuff is staying/existing. I even talked to my architect about the City’s comments - he was livid! He was even more upset than me because they were questioning his work, when he specifically talked to the city to make sure he was going to meet their regulations. Bob (my architect) thought I was calling to invite him to my Grand Opening… FAR FROM IT… (more…)

Ultimate Karate Training


You may ask, “why finally”?

I finally came up with a pretty cool name for my private lessons that I am trying to promote - Ultimate Karate Training.

These lessons are will be geared to those wanting one-on-one private instruction on martial arts training and fitness. Sessions are more customizable to the client seeking certain goals and interested in learning modern self-defense techniques.

I have not come up with a complete description of the program and it’s structure, but that will be coming soon! If you would like some basic info, please go to our Private Instructions page.

Karate Pump

Karate Pump. The new cardio-karate class offered by The Dojo of Karate.

After many days of pondering, and numerous discussions with female friends and family - I have decided to implement a new program to offer the 20+ crowd looking for a high-intensity workout.

Karate Pump is going to be a 1-hour class that combines aerobic exercise and martial art basics such as:

  1. Kicks, punches, and strikes
  2. Interval training
  3. Weight and resistant training
  4. Plyometrics and Isometrics
  5. Deep stretching

All while moving to the beats of modern, top 40 music. None of that “sweating to the oldies”…

Feel free to go to our Karate Pump page to learn more about the program and what it has to offer.  I think you’ll be excited to get signed up!

What’s cracking this week

As many of you may recall, I had an architect come over last week to do some measurements of the place. The guy was very helpful because he understands that I’m on a tight budget, and was willing to offer sub-contractors for me to contact for the plumbing and electrical.

City code is requiring that I add another bathroom because of load occupancy. You know when you go into a restaurant and the “load occupancy” says 204… that’s what I need to do too. So I’ll have two bathrooms, a small area where students can place their bags and personal belongings, and a small office for parent/student conferences. I guess he had to draw up EVERYTHING in the place. (more…)

Hired An Architect

A co-worker of mine has a husband that is a General Contractor, who knows an architect. Sounds complicated right now, but bare with me. Well, I met with him on Monday (the architect), so he can take a look at my school and see what type of work is entailed to get some drawings up, see if I will need an extra bathroom, and the layout I have envisioned. See, the City of Westminster (and most other cities) require that all commercial properties be drawn and stamped by an Architect. Once approved, you are then awarded a permit to do tenant improvements and such. With that said, after my architect walked round the mess (more…)