Belt Test

So today we had our first belt test.  It was actually really exciting too!  There were 13 total that tested for the Gold Belt, and everyone did AWESOME!

Before the test, I prepped them a bit so that they would feel comfortable.  I wanted them to succeed, obviously, so I just told them it’s like any other class we take during the week… but with grades.

I also let them know that this is the first step to becoming a Black Belt, and that I would love to see EVERY single one of them test for their Black Belt at The Dojo of Karate.  Since they were basically my first students who enrolled, I really want to see these guys stick around for the long haul - 3 years.  I think they can all do it, but it’s going to take a lot of dedication. (more…)

Things Are Moving Right Along

I couldn’t be happier right now!  Well, I could, but for only officially being open for less than two months The Dojo of Karate will be at 28 students by the end of the week.  My goal was 30 students, in 30 days - which is a lofty goal, so I’m extremely proud of my accomplishment.  As always, I would like more, but I also need to be patient about the situation.  Most of my students have simply come from walk-ins, a few from my marketing, and a couple from my website.  It’s the old saying - location, location, location. (more…)