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talked to state farm

March 19th, 2008

I got off of work a bit early on Friday, since I had to take Bo (my dog) to the vet. He’s fine, just needed a checkup. Anyways, after the visit, I decided to drop by State Farm and talk to the owner. We had a great chat, and I’m glad I stopped by ’cause I wanted to see if I could get some answers from him, rather then trying to get it from my property manager. It looks to be a bunch of miscommunication from the Landlord’s part, as myself and State Farm haven’t been given any clear answers.

Larry, the State Farm owner was under the impression that I was on a time crunch, and that he needed to get moving, and I was, but now that we’re both pretty sure that the delivery won’t be until April 1st, I told him to take his time. He definitely felt more comfortable. Since I don’t plan on being open until the middle of July, I don’t need to put any more pressure on him, as he’s been getting it from the Landlord.

Anyways, I took a walk around the office, and it seems there is gonna be quite a bit of work required for demo. Luckily, it’s none structural walls - so it should be fun kicking, punching smashing and anything else possible when taking down the dry wall. :-)I’m thinking of getting a few buddies together to help demo the place over a weekend. Should be fun! The only big project will probably be getting a contractor to build out my bathroom. This is gonna be my most expensive project, so I need to make sure I can save money in other areas.

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