Things are just weird right now

Seriously…  I still don’t have a permit issued!  :-(  The city hasn’t even reviewed it…  I called my property manager to see if we can re-evaluate my lease, since it’s taking WAY longer to have my permit approved and I am nearing the date my lease will take full effect - as far as rent.  Let’s hope they’ll be willing to push my first months rent forward one month, or give me two additional months of half rent.  Either way, this is becoming a thorn in my side.

There is a reason for all of this, and I need to stop worrying about it, but I can only do so much marketing with my school.  I can’t enroll students yet, since there really isn’t a place for them to train, go over my membership agreements, etc.  Difficult situation to be in right now, but I need to stay positive.  Things always work out, and if I wasn’t mean to open a Karate school, I wouldn’t be this far along the game.

On a positive note, I’m about 2 weeks away from getting my outdoor signage finalized and installed.  This is definitely exciting news, as it’s a small piece of marketing, but it will get me exposure.

Also, in the past few days, I’ve received a 3 missed calls from the same number, so I decided to call it back today.  Good thing I did because it was a prospect that did not leave a message.  Anyways, they were very excited about the lessons and it looks like my monthly Karate lessons tuition fell in their price range.  They are going to be gone for a month starting July 14th, but wanted to get their daughter signed up when they return from California.  I’m going to give them a call next month to schedule an appointment, and hopefully they can be one of my first students!!!

I’m noticing my advertising from Val-U-Ads has been working, which is great, but at the same time I’m almost having to push them away a bit since the school isn’t open.  I’m definitely going to follow-up with these prospects, since they obviously have an interest.  It’s just a matter of getting them signed up!  Getting them in the door will be the tough part, but signing them up - I think will be the easier part, since I feel comfortable in those situations.

Well, like I said, things have just been really weird lately.

Probably because it’s Friday the 13th!!! 

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