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Chris Hannah reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Absolutely the best. Thrilled to be training here. We will be long term clients.

Demi Shukas reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Summit fit dojo (the adult workout part of this business) is amazing. All the staff truly cares about you and your goals. The workouts are tough but they work with you and will alter them if you have injuries. Class sizes are small which helps you bond and connect with everyone there. I'm so happy I joined and you will be to.

Lars Pettersson reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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Awesome Sensei and a great Karate Dojo for all ages.

Emily Asay Miller reviewed The Dojo of Karate
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This karate school is absolutely amazing. The Sensai (Javier) cares about the kids so much and it shows. He teaches them about important values, such as integrity, hard work, dedication, as well as the importance of doing well in school and listen to their parents. I give it 5+ stars!

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Westminster Martial Arts School Hosts Board Breaking Seminar

  • January 26, 2010
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Westminster, CO – January 25th, 2010 – Local Martial Arts school owner, Javier Lozano, Jr. has scheduled their first 1st Annual Board Breaking Seminar for members at The Dojo of Karate for Saturday, January 30th, 2010 from 11am to 1pm. This seminar will teach students, as young as 5 years old to adults, how to break wooden boards with Karate techniques; a common practice in many Martial Art styles and schools. The Dojo of Karate is a Martial Arts, Self-Defense, & Fitness school offering children and adult programs to residents of Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton Colorado.  They are conveniently located on the northeast corner of 128thAvenue and Zuni St. in the Safeway Shopping Center. After successfully growing and operating as a small business for eighteen months, since August 2008, Sensei Lozano decided to allow students to kick off the New Year with a bang… or better said a break! “I remember when I was a kid, coming up the ranks and just loving Karate, my sensei hosted a board breaking seminar for our dojo.  Though I was young, from what I recall it was the talk of the school”, says Lozano.  “We didn’t know how we were going to break the wooden boards, or what to expect, but all the students, kids and adults, were extremely excited.” Some people think that breaking wooden boards is very dangerous, however, it can be the complete opposite if performed correctly. First of all, student will not be breaking 2×4’s or any type of particularly dense wood.  Rather, we go with a basic type of white pine wood that is approximately one-half inch thick.  And, depending on the student’s age and size, boards will be cut in lengths of 3 inches, 6 inches or 9 inches.  This will also assist in preventing injury. Next, depending on the student’s strength and size, they will be allowed to use certain techniques that allow them to be more successful when breaking the boards.  For instances, children in our Lil’Ninjas program (ages 5-6 years old) will only use a Hammer Fist Strike or a stomp kick.  While older kids and adults can use straight reverse punches (one of the more powerful punches in Karate), or a side kick, also considered a powerful kick. Mr. Lozano gives some very good tips about breaking wooden boards. “There are a few important key factors when breaking a board.  One is to maintain focus on your target at all times.  If at anytime your mind and body is no longer focused, start over.  Second, execute a few slow strikes to your targeted area.  Again, this focuses the mind and body to hit your target.  Finally, when breaking a board, never stop right at the board; rather follow through about six inches past the board.  This will guarantee a clean break, and prepare your mind mentally that the actual target is behind the board.” Also, Javier mentions that the grain should always go with the strike.  For instance, when you punch, the palm is typically facing down.  Therefore you should have the grain going horizontally.  This will make breaking the board easier to perform. The Dojo of Karate is excited in hosting this seminar, as it allows for students to learn a new skill, as well as get members together as a community.  The Dojo of Karate plans on hosting various events and activities throughout the year, including their 1st Annual Inter-School Tournament in February. To learn more about The Dojo of Karate and their traditional Karate, modern self-defense, or fitness programs, please call them at: 303-920-4500 or email them at: [email protected]